Chef Kunal Kapoor: "Exploring regional food options will gain popularity in 2022"

Things are constantly evolving in the food world and the chef believes he has adapt, learn and stay relevant

With the pandemic going well into its second year, the food industry has changed dramatically-- new cuisine emerging from home kitchens and take-out restaurants has
gained ground. Chef Kunal Kapoor believes practicing food sustainability by growing your
own herbs, fruits, and vegetables is something we should all practice to propel the food
sustainability movement. The celebrity chef speaks exclusively to IANSlife about what to
expect for the food industry in 2022:

How do you contribute to sustainability?

Chef Kunal: My purchasing decisions are based on the taste and price of the food item. It is important to note how food is produced, packaged, and consumed. I practice sustainability by reducing the use of plastic and food waste on a daily basis, eating locally grown vegetables, and eating seasonally. Since the pandemic, as people have spent more time indoors, organic farming has grown in popularity. The most promising method of practicing food sustainability is to grow your own herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

What are the food trends to watch for in 2022?

Chef Kunal: The concept of cloud kitchens and takeaways has become very popular since the pandemic, as it gives you a selection of great food choices without the costs of service staff and restaurant rent; I believe this will continue to get bigger. Practicing food sustainability, consuming healthy food, exploring regional food options will increasingly gain popularity.

What is it about vegan food that is taking off in India?

Chef Kunal: With changing lifestyles, people nowadays have specific requirements for their daily diet and dairy intake. Veganism is seen more as a lifestyle, rather than a current trend in the food space. Through my cooking and recipes, I love to accommodate all sorts of audiences with different food preferences, which is why I have an ongoing list of vegan recipes for those who prefer to choose veganism. Veganism is seen as a sustainable and healthy way of living, as it restricts meat, eggs, dairy products or any other animal-derived products from your diet.

What is your favourite food to unwind from a long day?

Chef Kunal: I enjoy good food. I love trying new dishes and I’m always curious about
ingredients, I experiment with my evening snacks. I can never get enough of cooking, so
even after a long day of work, I still try to prepare a tasty dish that I can savour while
watching my favourite TV show or reading a good book. If I’m looking for something quick to prepare, I opt for my Saffola Masala Oats Classic Masala and make it just the way I like it.

What new creations can we look forward to in 2022?

Chef Kunal: I always look inside to reflect on how can I change or what new I can bring into the new year. Things are constantly evolving in the food world and I have to adapt to learn and stay relevant. 2022 will usher in some new projects and ventures in and around food and nutrition. There are lots of plans and fingers crossed they should formalise soon.