“Street-Style Delicious Regional Recipes for Snacking At Home”

We love street food snacking, the scrumptious taste leave you craving for it all over again. No wonder why we are so hooked onto it and aesthetically indulge in it as our evening snack instead of a restaurant’s food. We may call it by different names Pani Puri, Puchka, or Golgappa but the taste of emotion remains the same for us, it is what binds us together. Most of us are true foodies, and we admire the exploration of every nook cranny to get the tastiest street food, prepared in no time, and satiating our evening hunger pangs. Every region/part of India brings in its own unique set of flavours and spices to the street food that makes it real and authentic. From Delhi to Bangalore, people all across India enjoy an assorted plethora of delicious street food from savoury Tikka Chaat or Masala Dosas, these amazing evening snack options are drool worthy.

Along with the pros of street food snacking came the cons. The quality of the street food places may not necessarily be terrible but little below average quality norms. In order to keep the costs economical, street food vendors tend to compromise on the quality of the ingredients they use for cooking like vegetables, cooking oil, expired sauces & spices, milk products, etc. Also, consuming street food on a regular basis can impact our health if it’s prepared in unhygienic conditions. Don’t be alarmed, one need not give up on their love for street food when the same recipes can be replicated at home with the nutritiousness of oats.

Here are some street style recipes from across the nooks and crannies of India prepared using Saffola Masala Oats. These evening, easy to cook and nutritious snacks, are so delectable that they will keep you wanting more, leaving you ‘full’ for longer with delicious memories.

Bombaiya Pav Bhaji

Prepare this all-time favourite evening snack at home in no time. Start by tossing some oil, onions and garlic, tomatoes, Capsicum and Potatoes to the pan sauté for a few mins. Once the gravy is ready add the Saffola Masala Oats, a desi combination of chatpata flavours that melt in the mouth and makes it more delectable, finally add lemon zest and serve the Bhaji with brown bread slices and Iced Tea.

Bengal’s Kathi Roll

Enjoyed prominently by the people of Bengal, this scrumptious regional street food is prepared by stuffing the flatbreads (Roti/Chappati) with assorted savoury fillings have gained popularity across the globe by now. Prepare the filling by tossing your favourite vegetables to the pan sauté for a few mins, add Classic Saffola Masala Oats to the mixture for a flavour boost. Use roti/Chappati, spread coriander chilly chutney and ketchup onto it, add the Masala Oats filling, wrap it up and serve it with hot Masala Chai.

Delhi waale Momos

We love Momos and wouldn’t we all agree? Delhi-street momos are unbeatable. Prepare this flavoursome street food, in a pan add green chillies, ginger garlic paste, cabbage, carrot, capsicum and spring onions, sauté for few mins. Add salt, pepper and soy sauce and mix well. Make it more chatpata by adding Saffola Masala Oats, its classic masala flavour will keep you mouth-watering. Prepare the dough with wheat flour, stuff the filling and steam it for 5mins. Serve the Masala Oats Momos with your favourite dips, Schezwan Sauce and Mayonnaise and Lemon Mint cooler to calm the scoville scale.

Let’s agree our love for Street food will never be diminished. But, these evening snacks can be prepared and relished at home with friends and family. Saffola Masala Oats is easy to prepare, its versatility and classic masala taste make it effortlessly blend with our favourite recipes. Available in a variety of flavours like Classic Masala, Peppy Tomato, and Veggie Twist, it includes natural veggies and delicious masalas that will leave you yearning for it.